Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Bill fits the bill

...”I'm a substitute for another guy
I look pretty tall but my heels are high
the simple things you see are all complicated
I look pretty young, but I'm just back-dated, yeah.”

The Who, Substitute

As the whole world knows, controversial designer
John Galliano was sacked on the spot from all
of his many assignements including his own
eponymous line, following his anti-Semitic
harangue in Paris' café 'La Perle' last April.

Out of the blue, last Friday the relatively
unknown Bill Gaytten has been announced
as Galliano's next-in-line creative director:
he was undoubtedly the best suited guy to
bring on the founding designer's deeds
having worked for him for as long as 23 years.

Gaytten, born in England, was the cut & drape
faithful hand in hand of Galliano and now he
presents the brand's menswear new collection
at Paris' Menswear Fashion Week.
The impressive show, called ”Big Splash”
in homage to 1974 David Hockney's
documentary 'A Bigger Splash' took London 
swinging 60's for its stamping ground.

all images by GoRunway.com via Vogue.it
Fully packed in Galliano's style, the new s/s 2012
collection is less histrionic and shouted,
more market-oriented and with many wearable
pieces in spite of the catwalk's dramatics.
A great kickoff propelling the not-so-new
designer to the forefront of duty.

New Creative Director Bill Gaytten at the end of the show

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