Friday, 27 May 2011

tribute to Mother Earth

The horrific earthquake that rocked northern Japan
on March 11th last showed how nature could be
disruptive and merciless even though it can't be
blamed for nuclear related worries.

Japanese master designer Hiroko Koshino was forced
to postpone the presentation of her 2011-12 AW collection
during Japan Fashion Week, originally scheduled on March
22nd, because of the tsunami who came to affect even
some of the contractors working on it.

In her website Mrs. Koshino stated her own
commitment to make known the collection on May the
23rd dedicating her sincere respect to her collaborators.
”We learned of ties between people and the preciousness 
 of life, the mind and the clothes” Koshino declared 
while introducing two months later her sought-after 
collection called ”Mother Earth”.

Actually an amazing tribute to earth considered 
as the source of all its living beings and inanimate 
things representing her own breath of life 
after hard troubled times.
The collection is the result of the designer's 
struggle to revitalize Japan taking its weaknesses 
and skillfully translating them into positives.

Organic lines with bright colors and captivating shapes,
with prints and intarsia depicting animals and leaves,
birds and trees that are bold and delicate at the same
time, some of them featured in ink painting technique
on graceful icy white dresses.

A collection full of imagination and sheer beauty,
hopeful and confident about the future.

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  1. Beautiful! The black dress with the elephant is my favorite.

    Camila F.