Friday, 6 May 2011

sticky fingers artist

'$86,980 in 1995', tape on plexiglas, 2007
I never thought about drawing with packing tape
until a couple of years ago when thanks to a
print ad I met the astonishing artworks made by
the one & only Master of Tape, Mark Khaisman.
'The Stooge study _2', tape on backlit panel, 2010
Born in Kiev, the Ukraine's capital city, Mark
studied art and architecture in Moscow and
currently lives in Philadelphia, USA where
he refined his enormous talent in drawing
chiaroscuro by layering brown or reddish stripes 
of packing tape upon translucent surfaces.

'Armor of Archduke Sygmund of Tyrol', tape on plexiglas, 2008
Detail of 'Armor of Carlo Gonzaga', tape on plexiglas, 2007
Highly detailed (take a close look to the Duke of
Gonzaga armor)
tapeworks in which every single
line or wrinkle is a sign of expression and where
the light plays the essential role as in photography.
'Odessa steps 1,2, 3', tape on backlit acrylic panel, 2009
'INTRAspective' from the solo show at Philadelphia's Gallery 919, 2009
He's able to produce stunning portraits and
detailed designs with sticky tape ranging from
reproducing pieces of furniture to movie stills
from Russian film masters such as Sergei
Eisenstein or American noir movies of the 30s
and 40s in his own distinct style.

'I shouldn't have picked up that wallet', tape on backlit panel, 2005
'Abram, from Portraits in Red, tape on backlit panel, 2010
I dunno if Mark is actually the inventor of the
amazing technique but he's unquestionably the
most skilled practitioner of tape painting!

'Roman portrait_4 [boy]', tape on plexiglas, 2009

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