Friday, 13 May 2011

postponed & disappeared

Unwillingly I wasn't able to make my daily 
post today until now in haste.
I'm far from blaming Blogger's engineers for 
the unlucky mishap nonetheless I feel sad and
subdued having lost my latest two posts and
related comments (in truth only one according
to a seldom used browser and both of them
with the usual one - who knows why).

Blogger told that all posts since 7:37 am PDT
on Thursady May 11 have been removed so I can 
barely hope they will be both restored soon!


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    A good thing is that I always have my post emailed to me... so I could fast reinstall it. Maybe a good habit for the future. Luckily I had not deleted it.
    You always have such exceptional posts and I hate for them to poof into cyberspace somewhere!

    Lots of love,


  2. I was out when this happened, but as soon as got back to blogger I saw some of my posts removed, i was clearly angry. I thought someone login to my account and I changed my password and i even reforced the security on my google account. And after reading some blog i saw that it happened to everybody else I started laughing, all that effort for nothing.

  3. happened to me too... no energy to post again today.
    wishing you a wonderful weekend