Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Capucci bewitching sculptor

Roberto Capucci is known as one of the most
creative Italian fashion designers for his extravagant 
and ingeniously constructed dresses.
Born in Rome 80 years ago he established his own fashion
house at the age of 20 becoming known as the ”the 
Roman Givenchy” for his unusual, sculptural dresses.

Capucci is a real master of tailoring, his geometrically
constructed outfits are rich of swirls and plissé and 
show his inventiveness through endless experiments 
in pleats, textures and volumes.
The use of unique crisp fabrics such as lustrous silk,
mikado and taffeta gave his works the distinctive
character he's world renowned for.

Roberto Capucci opened a couture salon in Paris
in 1962 but he later decided to move back to Rome
before withdrawing from the mainstream world
of fashion in 1980 choosing to concentrate on
research and presenting a single collection per 
year in different locations around the world.
In 2005, together with Associazione Civita, 
the Capucci Foundation was established 
aiming to preserve and promote the knowledge 
of the couturier's sui generis work.

Moving from Rome to Florence, the Foundation is now
located uphill, in the spectacular Villa Bardini which 
became the exclusive venue for a permanent exhibition 
of the designer's elaborated works, focusing especially
on his sculpted dresses which are periodically rotated 
to display almost his entire production since 1951. 

The nonpareil creations are supplied by a unique archive
with hundreds of Capucci's illustrations, 20,000 sketches,
20 model books, 150 audio-visuals and 50,000 press
articles and photographs recording the visionary 
designer's career while reaffirming the committment 
to the supremacy of quality and the noteworthiness 
of experimentation in haute couture. 
Believe me, one more landmark place
not to miss while in Florence!

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