Thursday, 26 May 2011

beloved like a Queen

I spent three compulsive years of my life in Dubai
and I eventually came to know it like the back of
my hand, thus I'm fully aware of how many talented
people live and work down there.
Dubai could actually be taken as a paragon of virtue
for its glittering lifestyle as well for the constant
flourishing of modern art venues and fashion brands.

When I lived there they were slowly setting the scene
for a fashion-conscious environment, fashion was
quite in its infancy and lacking in vitality because of
balmy regulations and inexperienced movers and
shakers yet women's longing for elegance enormous,
and not only for the traditional full-length abayas.

So many designers are now based in Dubai, creating
garments that run the gamut from casual to haute couture,
a branch in which Filipino designers indubitably have
their say. I've been reporting about Michael Cinco's
idea of couture (here) and now it's time to introduce
you to another gifted Pinoy designer, Furne One.

Furne is the head of 'Amato' Haute Couture brand,
a name that sounds familiar to my ears literally
meaning 'beloved' in Italian, providing hand-stitched
designs for Dubai's high-end clientele.
His pieces fully reflect the designer's love for beautiful
clothes he inherited from his ma and grandma with
imaginative dresses, a unique passion for detail,
belted-skirt silhouettes, corseting, fanciful 
embroideries and crystal embellishments.

Furne One's spring couture collection, smartly called
”I'm the Queen” is a marvelous journey to bygone times,
the golden age of Queen Elizabeth I with breathtaking
tulle gowns, a triumph of lace, linen and Swarovski
crystals in a warm palette of nudes, buttercup yellow,
gold and bronze which is perfectly emphasized by
the stunning images of Dubai-based photographer
Tina Patni: a feast for all eyes indeed.

Each dress is a work of art and couture craftsmanship
through which the totally unafraid designer converts
historical costumes into wearable high fashion.

Lately the crisis has unsettled the couture economy
making the fashion sector more unpredictable while
many wonder whether there's a customer base left
for it yet couture deserves worthy, creative designers
showing a strong attitude of mind like the Filipino
'new masters' from the Middle East. 

Hurrah to them!

all images © by Tina Patni/Amato Haute Couture

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Great that you make the journey around the globe to point out new 'lights' in the fashion world. The world has become bigger and smaller in many ways. But we should all look a bit broader for the complete picture!

    Lots of love,