Saturday, 14 May 2011

anatomy of a wolf

Yesterday I was wandering through the narrow streets
of the oldest part of Florence when I suddenly realized
Aria Art Gallery was within easy reach so I took a step
toward it to merrily find out Tarik Berber's latest 
works from the series “Anatomy of a Wolf”.

Tarik is a young talented painter of Bosnian origins
graduated from the  'Accademia delle Belle Arti', 
the Fine Arts Academy of Florence, who comes
back exhibiting in town after a long hiatus
presenting his latest unpublished artworks;
compelling half busts and faces of imagined girls.

Portrait painting always brings a semantic, emotional
and introspective depth with itself, thus I've been
captured all at once by his powerful womanly
portraits bearing a strong yet restless temper
and a brooding aura of mystery.

But it was love at first sight with the way he paints,
his captivating gestural brush strokes, the advancing
and receding of colors enhancing the play of light
and dark, that's why I focused my attention and
my pocket camera onto the inspiring details
of Tarik's sturdy portraits.
Close up they're even more impressive!

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