Saturday, 2 April 2011

Watanabe's futile wannabes

Time has come for me to avow that I always loved
Junya Watanabe's work ever since his debut
tricot collection for Comme de Garçons more
than 20 years ago (how time flies!) for his
one-of-a-kind vision and superlative style.

The Fukushima born “techno couturier” as he 
has been hailed, came to present a new impressive
AW women's collection in which the unsurpassed
biker jacket is reinvented yet paired with 
unexpected hourglass shapes like none 
of his wannabes could possibly do.

Watanabe's leather jackets run the gamut of the
totemic garment with references from the 50's
blousons noirs to cape-like or long and skinny.
Corset-like leather jackets with oversized
high-zipped collars are worn over pleated skirts
or pipe leg trousers with Chelsea or low boots
in an elegant, quite post-punkish subversive look.

Elsewhere in Watanabe's exploration are draped dresses 
and sloppy knitted wools mostly in black and grays 
with cognac hues and cream touches on faux fur
cocooning coats and shawls.
An austere, elegant collection that could
easily be representative of Watanabe's
pursuit of style perfection.

images credit: Yannis Vlamos & Gianni Pucci via

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