Wednesday, 27 April 2011

textile addicted artist


Stefano Bressani is the Italian dress-material artist from
the northern town of Pavia whose distinctive style is
simultaneously a joke and a challenge always
experimenting with ideas and techniques allowing
a comparison with contemporary art.

”Save the planet”

Last week I visited his latest exhibition called
”Dressed sculptures” at Fondazione Piaggio's
museum, the enterprise museum established
in 2000 to preserve the historic memory of the
eminent mechanical company producer of the
famed Vespa scooter and many other 
different mopeds and vehicles.

“Black poppies”

Bressani has developed in recent years a personal
'pop art' approach to portrait with tactile and 3-D
played texture orientation coupling different
fabrics and materials.
He feels a deeper and deeper need to escape
towards the exaggeration of shape and color
and he's strongly attracted by fabrics.

”Statue of Liberty - Enjoy my freedom cocktail”

What I liked the most are the color combinations
of his textile paintings and the way he highlights
details and textures.
Such a talented pop quilter.

The artist's self-portrait


  1. great work. Love the Statue of Liberty

  2. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Oh, he is more of an artist than a painter. It is much more difficult to create such depth and relief with fabric! I LOVE his ingenuity. The eyes are so real and in fact everything he turned into an amazing work of true ART! Thanks for such interesting and fun post.

    Lots of love,


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