Thursday, 28 April 2011

the pinoy couturier

Michael Cinco's couture s/s 2011, photos  by
”My motto is to dream the impalpable dream” says 
the Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco  
”every single day, little by little, I try to achieve 
the goals in my life. I don't know if I will achieve 
them, but I know it's not impossible”.

ANTM's landfill shoot, photos by Nigel Barker
The pinoy designer who was first drawn to fashion by
watching as a young boy classic Hollywood movies
has developed through the years a sleek, modern
glamourous style that's briskly opening its way
through the international market.

He's justifiably proud of his latest achievement,
a design project for the top-rated TV show
”America's Next Top Model” created and hosted
by former model turned media personality Tyra
Banks. Cinco was drafted in to design six highly
imaginative pieces for an eco-friendly shoot by
photographer Nigel Barker which was set in a landfill.

He came to realize a capsule collection of free-flowing
gowns deftly using garbage elements such as recycled
parachute fabrics, door hinges, safety pins, broken mirrors
or rubber bands made to look like fake fur as well 
utilizing used flatware as twisted accessories.
A stark juxtaposition of voluminous glamour versus garbage
which is so far from the romantic mood of his signature
gowns that have been noticed worldwide making 
Cinco's name recognizable and unmistakable.

Back in Dubai Michael's working on a new haute couture
show scheduled for October as well putting the finishing
touches on his wedding gowns and unique evening
dresses new collections.

His works are reliable and true to form and they 
speak for themselves, impalpably.

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