Thursday, 14 April 2011

lavished with flair & poise

Could you imagine a sleepless talent
working as a fashion photographer,
art director, filmmaker, music remixer
editor-in-chief and blogger whilst supervising
the whole stuff both in art and business?

Does this kind of industrious guy really
exist out there? Yes, of course, his
name is Erik Madigan Heck and is
based in New York, where else?
Erik made his name internationally
as the protean mastermind behind
Nomenus Quarterly, hailed as the
'world's most expensive magazine'.

Nomenus is a quarterly collection of photos
from fashion-forward designers collections,
a real artist's project whose printed issues
can be found in Paris chez Colette or in
Milan's 10, Corso Como as well online
for free: take a dive into the magazine's
current issue, it will make you go wow! 

Inspired by Nabis French painters of the
19th century, Heck lately came to blur the
boundaries between fine arts and fashion
photography by shooting the astounding
demi-couture outfits of Greek designer
Mary Katrantzou (here and here) in
chromatically dazzling customised sets.

Erik said he's “...trying to flatten the space
between photography and illustration by
eliminating photographic elements and
painting on different surfaces and colors in 
post-production, attempting to move closer 
towards painting itself, in process and form.”

Quite an amazing interpretation of the
quintessential Katrantzou's vivid printed
designs. Sheer bliss!

All photographs © Erik Madigan Heck, 2011
Photo assistant Shay Harrington
Styling by Heidi Bivens
Set design by Shaun Kato Samuel
Post-production by Andrew Bennett/Versatile studios
All clothes from Mary Katrantzou's AW 2011
Additional jewelry by Candace Ang


  1. What a talented artist. I wonder if he has time to sleep? And how many hours does he sleeps per day?
    I can see Mary's new collection here. The combination of two artists (Mary, whose collections are pure art, and Erik) in a very unique and beautiful way.

  2. Hi! Mikapoka! long time!
    great inspirations as usual! so blue look really beautiful in those pictures. Look somehow little bit ethnic too.

    hope you are having a great weekend!! ciao xxx Y