Friday, 29 April 2011

Audrey's doppelgänger

Italian 'Bolero' magazine cover, October 1961
Audrey Hepburn was one of a kind and since her
debut in the 50's she defined a new 'less-is-more'
look thanks to her elfin face with thick eyebrows
and mesmerising eyes, a demure young woman
so elegant and differing from the contemporary
curvy sirens of the cinema screen.

© Robert Erdmann's for Tatler magazine, June 2011
Audrey had a unique sense of style, simple and
chic, a timeless European allure highlighted by
her lifelong partnership with Givenchy which is
probably the most imitated looks of all time being
it much more attainable than other Hollywood type
and it's small wonder that she's still influencing
fashion trends fifty years later.

'Movies' cover, December 1954
This morning, while browsing through the UK
online newspapers looking for pictures of the
overwhelming Royal Wedding, I've stumbled
across a stunning photoshoot made by
photographer Robert Erdmann for next
June's edition of Tatler magazine with young
British-American rising actress Lily Jane
Collins that at a first glance made me think
I was looking at vintage photos of the
unforgettable Audrey.

'Tatler' mag June's cover, photo by Robert Erdmann
Lily is the daughter of renowned British musician
Phil Collins who started acting at the age of two
in the BBC series 'Growing Pain' before moving
to California where she works as red carpet
correspondent, model, TV and movie actress.
She was named as one of the 'Breakout Stars
to Watch for in 2011' and she has been cast
in the upcoming screen adaptation of the
'Snow White' fairytale.

'Roman Holiday' 1953 movie still
© Robert Erdmann's/Tatler magazine

image from the extensive collection of
© Robert Erdmann's/Tatler magazine

The amazing photo session recreates some of
Hepburn's famed poses from her beloved movies
showing Lily's perfectly reconstructed resemblance
to the unforgettable actress.
What a glamorous, beautiful idea!


  1. They are both so beautiful. I love how Lily looks so relaxed in every pictures, the one with the bike is definately my favourite.

    Have a nice weekend dear.

  2. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Great discovery of a true Audrey Doppelgänger!

    Lots of love,


  3. Grande Betty + Albert!!!
    Great post!!!!!!

  4. There's an Indonesian actress who looks exactly like Audrey, her name is Asmirandah. You have to google it, really :)