Friday, 22 April 2011

art as a window

Girl wearing green tights, 2007
I found out that I have several things in common with
illustrator-artist Anna Higgie: we both adore Nick
Drake's music, Kurt Vonnegut's books, Japanese
food and Alexander McQueen's work as well as
we could hardly live without a pencil in hand.

from 'Future fashion' series, 2007
Anna Higgie is an Australian born artist currently
living and working in Barcelona, Spain, where
she makes eye-catching drawings in different
styles and techniques, from delicate 
pencil and ink sketches to dramatic 
deconstructed optical collages.

Diamanda Galas' portrait for Plan B magazine, 2008
Deedee, 2007
Her works are always brilliantly conceived
and executed, very fine in texture and balance,
where pencil-drawn backgrounds are
juxtaposed with black geometric shapes like
in her renowned deconstructed portraits.

St. Etienne for Plan B magazine, 2008
Portrait of Stam, 2010
Anna is at ease with a wide range of styles
mixing her signature ink & pencil hatching
technique with soft colors occasionally digitally
added, nonetheless her own drawing style's
always quick to adapt to commercial or
editorial drives and needs.

from the Catwalk series, 2006
She worked for several newspapers and
clothing brands such as Bloomingdales,
Nordstrom or New York's shoe company
Sigerson Morrison and her mind-blowing
illustrations appeared on fashion and 
art magazines worldwide.

for Sigerson Morrison's sister company Belle NYC, A/W 2010
Girl with white hair, 2006
“For me art is a window” she recently declared
to the Milan based bimonthly fashion and
lifestyle magazine 'Out of the Box' talking
about  the way she works, so it's small wonder
she also adores photography, BTW, take a look
at her own weblog to enjoy the magic of
Seville through her perceptive lenses.
Quite a unique knack for gripping images.

> all artworks © Anna Higgie, templates by the artist's website <

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  1. I love the portraits but hell everything is amazing!! xo