Tuesday, 19 April 2011

anything but a wallflower

detail from Damian Foxe's “Anything but a wallflower” editorial
You may know how much I admire Damian Foxe's
viewpoints on fashion, he's the virtuoso style editor
of Financial Times' “How to spend it” supplement
and undeniably the flower of fashion editorials.

dress made of 'Richmond Park' wallpaper by Zoffany
His most recent solo work, called “Anything but a
wallflower” creates a statement skillfully combining
two major trends, the botanical-inspired prints we
saw on the catwalks with the wallpaper ones
blending fashion with interior design
in his own peculiar way.

dress made of 'Mariedal' wallpaper by Designers Guild
Nature inspired motifs are expected to rule
next seasons and while Erik Madigan Heck
highlighted Mary Katrantzou's unique floral
outfits by starkly juxtaposing them with the wall
coverings (here) Foxe follows the opposite path
by astonishingly crafting dresses out of wallpapers
and I'm glad he did.

dress made of 'Early Tulip' wallpaper by Sanderson
dress made of 'Aqua Jasper Peony' wallpaper by Lewis & Wood
Bold floral printed dresses are amazingly camouflaged
with the very same wall coverings made by finest British
producers and wholesalers in jaw-dropping pictures.

dress made of 'McGegan Rose' wallpaper by Timorous Beasties
Where flowers bloom so does style!

detail from the above 'McGegan Rose' wallpaper - all photos by Damian Foxe


  1. This is so beautiful, it reminds me a picture i saw today on Lisbon's map, it the dress has a beautiful print of Lisbon tiles. Now I know where they took the inspiration from.

  2. Dearest Elisabetta,

    This is STUNNING! What a gifted and truly virtuoso style editor...

    Lots of love,


  3. Oh, that's so pretty! I don't know if I love the dresses more or the wallpapers.

    Camila F.

  4. these dresses are amazing!!! it give a whole new meaning to wall flower...
    ❤ it