Tuesday, 22 March 2011

waiting 4 spring 2 come

Some people carefully avoid to talk about the weather 
these days being spring formally arrived but a sharp, 
cold wind is blowing from the north keeping current 
temperatures low and wintry.

In hopes of soon getting warmer days to lay on a towel in
the park getting rid of layers while acquiring an early suntan
I'm keeping myself confident with the ethereal images of
“Bring spring back” Stockholm S/S/A/W's latest editorial.

Taken by esteemed fashion photographer Tomas Falmer
who moved back to Stockholm after working in London
and styled by Hanna Holmgren the naturally decorated
layered looks from Swedish brands such as Cheap Monday,
Acne and Filippa K are fully able to 'shout to the top'
bidding for spring to come.

Cheap Monday started off as a thrift clothing store before
briskly evolving into a denim label with a distinctive skull
logotype that is now sold from stores in 30 countries
thanks to inexpensive quality jeans and clothes.

Acne started as a creative collective in 1996 producing
own-designed bright-red stitched unisex jeans before
launching the first collection two years later setting
the Stockholm's brand 'tone of voice'.
Acne is internationally recognized and sold in 
nine different countries, mainly in Europe.

Filippa Knutsson returned to native Stockholm after
been educated in London to work for her family-owned
fashion company Gul&Blå before starting to design
clothes she felt were simply missing in the marketplace.
Together with colleague Patrick Kihlborg she founded
Filippa K which is today one of Scandinavia's
fastest growing brands with forty stores in Europe
and USA and represented by 750 selected 
retailers worldwide.

Patiently waiting for spring to come with 
a Nordic, natural frame of mind.

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