Thursday, 31 March 2011

bold Ukrainian prêt-à-porter

Julia Aysina's AW 11-12, photo by Xinhua/Reuters
One of fashion hot spots has been lately represented
by Ukrainian capital city of Kiev where the 28th
fashion week showed the interesting AW 11-12
prêt-à-porter collections from local leading
designers and gifted newcomers.

Kamenskayakononova's AW 11-12, photo by Ukrainian fashion week
Each year Ukrainian Fashion Week gathers international
buyers and experts to promote the country's designers
worldwide and I must admit some of them can
straightforwardly achieve commercial success.

Kamenskayakononova's AW 11-12
Kamenskayakononova (spelling does not determine
pronunciation for all of these names) is the brand's 
name of designers Natalya Kamenskaya and Olesya
Kononova who joined forces in 2007 combining
their creative talents to make tailored urban outfits
for a contemporary charismatic woman.

Elena Burenina's AW 11-12, photo by UFW
Elena Burenina is a budding designer whose first
collections caused a wave of appreciation for the
distinctive features of her body enveloping looks
with Japanese and East Indian hints.
Her winter creations bear a colorful, somewhat
pugnacious self-ruling spirit with layered
elements in a mix of felt, leather, fake fur
and denim. A statement collection emphasized
by extraordinary boots and shoes especially
designed by Irina Litvinskaya.

Elena Burenina's AW 11-12
Andre Tan is bound for design, ever since the
age of 11, while his coevals were kicking a ball
in the yard he was mastering the fundamentals
of dressmaking craving to become the editor
in chief at “Isabel” fashion magazine and drawing
more than 50 school notepads with sketches
for his future edition. Happily Andre became
a designer and the inventor of Smart Couture
style mixing outdoor and couture details.

Andre Tan's AW 11-12, photo by UFW
Andre Tan's AW 11-12, photo by UFW
Julia Aysina is one of Ukrainian leading
designers whose clothes are decontracteé
and elegant with strong attention to details
and high quality fabrics and very good
interpretations of knitwear enhanced by 
dramatic horn-like coiffures so it's small
wonder her own fashion house clients
come from the country's elite.

Julia Aysina's AW 11-12, photo by UFW
Julia Aysina's AW 11-12, photo by UFW
Irina Krasilnikova recently graduated from
Kiev University of Technology and Design
before working as stylist for Harper's Bazaar
Ukraine and realizing her own collections.
Her latest is quite innovative showing
skilled tailored details with perfect lines
and cuts mostly on jackets and coats
or architectural knitworks.

Irina Krasilnikova's AW 11-12, photo by UFW
Irina Krasilnikova's AW 11-12, photo by UFW
Anouki Bicholla is the young Georgian
designer who came to present an alluring
collection built on contrasts combining
leather and wool with architectural silhouettes
accentuating hips and shoulders in
a comely color palette made juxtaposing
orange and pale blue with black.

Anouki Bicholla's, photos by Olga Yakimovich via
No doubt Ukrainian fashion shows qualities
worthy of attention and rewards.

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