Monday, 21 March 2011

skinny girls ain't sexy

Crystal Renn image credits: Judgment of
As you know fashion has always been blamed as
the wrongdoer coaxing women into bad eating habits
to achieve its aesthetics and beauty tenets.
Vogue Italia's editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani recently
decided to make use of the historical fashion magazine's
authority to promote a battle against anorexia collecting
signatures (here) with the goal of shutting down
pro-anorexic websites and blogs.

Vogue Italia's anti-ana petition

...“I did some research and found that there are countless
pro-anorexia sites and blogs that not only support the 
disorder but also urge young people to be competitive
about their body shape...” she wrote in her daily blog.
Try googling out the words 'pro-anorexia' or 'pro-ana' and
'pro-mia' ('ana' is anorexia while 'mia' means bulimia) and 

you'd see different pictures popping out of the page with
titles such as 'Starving for Perfection', '2b-Thin', 'Totally in
Control', 'Ana by Choice' or the frightening 'Anorexic Nation'
leading to pro-ana sites that are quite the antithesis of help.

Angelica Gray, nominated for Scottish model of 2010, via
Obviously these websites are not for those in recovery or
regarding themselves as ill but they're targeted at those
who believe that anorexia could be the right lifestyle
choice to achieve self confidence and happiness.
In truth Ana is a serious illness that can eventually lead
to death thus it's of paramount importance to spell out
to teenage girls that being skinny does not equal being
perfect yet the opposite: healthiness is beauty.

18 years old model Emily Towner in a photo by Michael Creagh
Vogue Italia's is actually not the first initiative against
women's eating disorders: two years ago Vogue's UK
editor Alexandra Shulman wrote to designers blaming
them of sending fashion magazines smaller garments
for photo-shoots forcing them to hire models 
“with jutting bones and no breast or hips”.
Luckily there are plenty of people inside the fashion biz
now working to change over to healthier inspired habits:
Vogue opened its website 'curvy' section, the New York's
Full Figured Fashion Week shows innovative designers
and silhouettes that flatter curvy figures and online
communities for women and forums encouraging
self-empowerment are growing as well the 
appearing of plus-size beautiful models 
on magazines and catwalk shows.

image credits: People magazine/Theo Westenberger/Gamma Liason
Melissa 'Emme' Aronson is probably the only plus-size
model to attain topmodel status and the highest-paid of
all time who was raised in Saudi Arabia before moving
back to New York where she parlayed her posing career
into advocacy, authoring and hosting TV shows.

image credits: Judgment of
Maybe you have seen Kailee O'Sullivan in several 'magalogs'
or in Glamour having been a model since the age of fifteen,
modeling for different brands on New York's FFFW runwyas,
she also made live appearances on several talk shows,
including Ellen and The Early Show.

image credits: Vogue Paris, May 2010 photo by Steven Klein
Crystal Renn is a high-spirited and well-known model,
who once suffered from anorexia before appearing on the 
runway for Jean Paul Gaultier as well on high-end brands 
campaigns and top magazines editorials and covers 
(including four international Vogue editions).
Her career skyrocketed long before she penned her own story
with the help of Marjoire Ingall in a book by Simon & Schuster
called “Hungry” about being a young model always 
struggling with her appetite and eventually 
embracing back her natural curves.

image credits:
Model Kate Dillon, named in 2000 one of People's Most 
Beautiful People, was severly underweight before 
achieving a healthier shape that contrary to her 
expectations caused her enough trouble finding work. 
The “next Cindy Crawford” as she was widely hailed, sickned 
by the fashion biz quit modeling and decided to be herself.  
“I gave myself the freedom to be who I was, the freedom 
to screw up, the freedom to be fat, the freedom 
to be smart, the freedom to just be.” 

Pure words of wisdom.


  1. i love crystal..but she has lost a lot of weight again...

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