Wednesday, 2 March 2011

showy broken porcelain

The beauty of nature has always been a fantastic source 
of inspiration for designers and artists of any kind but 
when it comes to jewelry there's nothing like 
Andrés Gallardo's cutting-edge accessories.

The Spanish designer created his own label “A” presenting 
truly original ornaments made by reworking industrial 
discarded products or broken pieces collected in bazaars 
and flea markets in order to make one of a kind 
unorthodox fashion pieces of jewelry.

Gallardo's “Brokenporcelain” latest collection takes us to 
a trip in the magic forest showing nonconformist animal 
shaped necklaces skillfully combining damaged, 
rejected or despairing objets trouvés which thanks
to their own eye-catching uniqueness are perfectly suited 
to enhance a summer look as well to meet your fancy.

all images from the designer's weblog


  1. OMG! These are AMAZING! Very creative!

    Thank you for your sweet comment!

    Great post! :)