Tuesday, 29 March 2011

shaking the fashion tree

It's time to shake things up again In Athens, Greece with
”4FASHIONSHAKE III” days which started yesterday to
reach its climax next week, April the 6th, with 
“Poetry in motion” multimedia night show.
4FashionShake is an avant-garde fashion festival, 
actually one of Ozon's Magazine most ambitious projects, 
presenting the works of selected international young 
designers through different ways such as illustrations, 
video art projects, installations and catwalk shows.

Craig Green's illustration/collection
Held twice a year, the alternative fashion event aims
at represent a platform for new creative talents while 
keeping the focus on the industry drives and needs.
Emerging young gifted designers and newly graduates 
such as Antwerp's Michael Kampe (who opened the 
exhibition with a live installation with pieces taken 
from his 'Exploded view' collection) established label 
Eleftheria Arapoglou's “Digitariawill show 
tomorrow a 'subversive art project' accompained
by videos and installations made by Peter Dobill,
Ewa Potocka and Bernd Imminger.

Craig Green's illustration/collection
Frankly I'm on the lookout for the April's days of the Greek
innovative event when Atopos, the Athens-based non-profit
cultural organization founded by Stamos J. Fafalios and
Vassilis Zidianakis, will present British designer Craig Green's
“Atopic Bodies (four): the Wicker Cult”, his ongoing project
exploring the eccentric and unregistered ways through 
which the human body is able to reinvent itself.

Craig Green's illustration/collection
Craig Green is an emerging designer recently graduated
from London's Central Saint Martins who looks at fashion
as a form of boyhood reverie designing his own creations 
for a fantasy character. He will exhibit his newfangled 
illustrations and sketchbooks in an interactive performance 
together with scarecrows, masks and voodoo dolls. 
Among Green's illustrations on display the ones he 
created with Jeii Hong for 21 Up Magazine inspired 
by a Russian robot character with squared male 
silhouettes wearing block colored garments 
made of vynil, rubber and plaited foam all 
capped by lofty headwear.

Aptform SS11 collection, photos by Jaime de Almeida
Aptform SS11 collection, photos by Jaime de Almeida
 The same day at Athen's 'Theatron Cultural Center Hellenic
Cosmos' Michail Gkinis will unveil his AW11-12 collection 
for Aptform, the brand the Thessaloniki designer
managed to establish in 2008 after graduating from
London's College of Fashion and his Japanese internship
years with Issey Miyake. Gkinis will present his brand new
'form follows function' fashion focused on hand-knitted 
leather garments with futuristic elements like in his 
SS11 collection showing his natural understanding 
of clothing with soft and natural fabrics amazingly
tailored into comfortable, distressed silhouettes.

Aptform SS11 collection, photos by Jaime de Almeida
Designer Michail Gkinis in a photo by Will Robb
 Ùna Burke is the talented Irish designer whose leather
unconventional objects caught my eyes for their visual
strength who will participate at 4FashionShake III with a
fashion film called “Meta.Morph” directed by Andreas
Waldschuetz and Adia Trischler inspired by a series
of 'Beautiful Pictures' taken by disabled artist
Nicola Lane showing the designer's sculptural
armor-like signature style body pieces.

Ùna Burke's Meta.Morph, photos by Andreas Waldschuetz
 Hormazd Narielwalla will show his collage-drawing
collection inspired and dedicated to famed fashion
“shaded viewer” Diane Pernet (Hi Darling!) called
“Fairy-God, Fashion-Mother” made up by combining
original paper dresses from Atopos archives with
excerpts from Victorian pattern-cutting books from
London's Fashion College archives and discarded
Saville Row men designs.
Narielwalla's first solo exhibition was at Paul Smith's
Mayfair gallery who was quick on the draw fully
understanding the artist's quest to recount patterns
as aesthetic objects of art.

Hormazd Narielwalla's
Hormazd Narielwalla's
Artist Hormazd Narielwalla in a photo by Daniel Schweitzer
The event's closing night will also feature a fashion
film by local designer Ioanna Kourbela, the presentation
of items from Greek brand Loukia and London-based
knitwear label Sibling AW collections while listening to
May Roosevelt's live music performance.

Oh, what a shake-up night it will be!

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