Monday, 28 March 2011

going green in Cali

Cali is Colombia's third largest city and it's widely
considered the world capital of salsa as well a booming
travel and fashion destination thanks to its 'Exposhow'
which is yearly held in October as well the latest
Eco-fashion exposition presenting garments 
made with recycled materials.
The show took place the very same day of  
“Earth Hour” in which lights were turned off in 
thousands of cities around the world to support 
a tougher action to face climate change.

Cali, which is the shortened name of Santiago de Cali
and the broader 'Valley of Cauca river' province 
are economically growing at a fast pace becoming 
a world point of reference for fashion and even
eco-friendly fashion products. 
Last year Florentine acclaimed designer Roberto 
Cavalli visited Cali's Exposhow receiving a heartly 
welcome as well honorary citizenship.

This year's edition of Cali's 'biofashion' has been quite
different from the previous ones showing creations
made of recycled materials of any kind, from tableclothes
to computer keyboards in a joyful array of environmentally
friendly outfits while previous editions were focused 
on organic elements with clothes made of fruit, 
seeds, leaves and flowers.

Obviously these creations aren't meant to be worn yet
they're ideally suited to promote ecological awareness
while allowing the designers' creativity to break loose.
All photos are by Medellin born esteemed photographer
Jaime Andrés Saldarriaga, today a Reuters news 
agency correspondent after working 
for several Colombian newspapers.

Colombian textile and fashion industry are rapidly 
growing emerging year after year as the key figure 
in the country's economic development.

¡Que Viva la Moda Colombiana!

all photos © Jaime Andrés Saldarriaga/Reuters

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  1. solo se le olvido al fotografo que el trabajo de la celebracion del dia del planeta en cali,colombia, jardin plaza , es un trabajo academico, de las universidades autonoma de occidente y universidad de sanbuenaventura, dirigido por la diseñadora ambientalista 30 años de experiencia, CLARA SERNA.