Sunday, 20 March 2011

festival of colors

© AP photo - Rafiq Maqbool
Heralding the beginning of spring in India and many 
other countries with Hindu devotees, Holi, better
known as the Festival of Colors, celebrates the 
triumph of good over evil with playful splashes 
of colored paint, powder and water.

© Getty Images - Daniel Berehulak
© Reuters - Krishnendu Halder
© AP photo - Rajesh Kumar Singh
© AP photo - Rafiq Maqbool
Staring at the revellers smeared smiling faces is always
electrifying so happy Dhulandi everybody!

© Reuters - Krishnendu Halder

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    We do have three sets of Hindu friends from India; all are in the medical field. Two are internist and one is a radiologist. So anything that has to do with this culture we of course appreciate more than the average person. In our home we have several Hindu items, from over ten years working as consultants for Pond's India. LOVE their culture, the food, their colorful fabrics. Oh, I was in heaven in a fabric store in Madras one day. Could embrace all the silks and bring them home but you can't of course. My seamstress in Indonesia made me a very nice dress that I still have, made from Indian Sari silk. Will write one day a post about all that but time is always the limit...

    Lots of love,