Thursday, 3 March 2011

feathered beauties

Jason Wu's AW 2011-12
The 'Black Swan' movie was hugely hyped up long before 
its debut stirring many people's blood including the world 
fashionistas thanks to the ballerina feathers, gossamer tulle 
and jewel-encrusted headpieces created for the movie by 
the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte.

Damir Doma's AW 2011-12
Their inspiration for the motion-picture costumes coming from 
horror and gothic fantasy movies briskly became a fashion 
trend firing up dramatic, bold clothings made of velvet, 
organza, lace and feathers.
I made a post in January about the 'tutu trend
for the upcoming spring.

Hakaan's AW 2011-12
Hakaan's AW 2011-12
The ballet-inspired fashion trend reverberates even in some 
of next winter collections and the latest fashion weeks 
runways showed the whole must-have range of it.  
Black ballerina outfittings were showcased by several 
designers turning spring's punky trend into a romantic 
goth tendency enhancing women's dark side.

Giles' AW 2011-12
Giles' AW 2011-12
Incidentally, in England a real swan killer is brutally exterminating
the magnificent protected waterbirds by the dozen.
Best-selling author Terry Pratchett offered £ 10,000 to catch 
the mad sniper who slaughtered 31 swans in the last month 
with an air rifle and I only hope that UK police and the RSPCA 
(Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) 
will soon prosecute the murderer and that British 
people will be more and more enraged.
Such a crime can't go unpunished!

Felder Felder's AW 2011-12
Felder Felder's AW 2011-12


  1. I think everything looks beautiful!

    Camila F.

  2. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Indeed, the very first photo shows a BEAUTY but further down I cannot detect any. Nor in the designs; indeed gothic looking and revealing woman's dark side...
    About that Swan killer; hope they do indeed catch him and prosecute him. Such a regal waterbird!



  3. Oh my God! I never thought someone would actually kill these waterbirds. "Thank god" it happened in England because if this crime were commited in Portugal they wouldn't do anything.

    I haven't seen the movie yet but I see the inpirations everywhere and I love it.

    By the way, I'm following your advice to speak Italian ;)