Friday, 11 March 2011

fashion compassion

Palestyle's, photo © Altamash Urooj - stylist Tala Soubra
Fashion ComPassion is a socially responsible retail label
aiming to reinvent the way fashion is usually perceived
turning it into a catalyst of change for women of the
developing world giving them guidance on creating
garments and accessories for the international markets.

Palestyle's, photo © Altamash Urooj - stylist Tala Soubra
The ethical fashion house was set up in November last
year by a young Dubai-born entrepeneur hailing from
Pakistan, Aisha Mustafa, who moved to London in 2006
achieving her long cherished dream: ”for several years
I had been dabbling with the idea of establishing an
ethical fashion house that focuses on social development
and empowering women...” she declared.
Having worked for Bangladesh-based Grameen Bank,
the one providing micro credit to women to start-up small
businesses in rural areas, Aisha personally saw how
creating job possibilities by offering sustainable solutions
had a mighty impact on families and communities.

Aisha Mustafa, photos by Silvia Baron/ANM via
Needless to say the on the ground experience had a major
influence on her and shaped Fashion ComPassion's endeavor
into carefully selecting handcrafted products made by women
from underdeveloped or war-torn countries from the Middle East
and Africa. “I wanted to bring out the talent and creativity 
of these women and portray the positivity and vibrancy 
of their culture and traditions” Aisha explained.
Fashion ComPassion sources from unique, independent
labels that promote social development by providing women
jobs and paying them fairly as well giving them a percentage
of the brands profits such as the Dubai-based 'Palestyle',
'Beshtar', 'Polly & Me' and the African organization
'Savannah Chic'.

clockwise: Calligraphy belt, juta bag, desert clutches
'Palestyle' label was founded a couple of years ago by
Zeina Abou Chaaban, a young Palestinian woman living
in the UAE which empowers Palestinian women working
from refugee camps in Jordan with a few in Lebanon
allowing them a reliable income and a percentage of sale
from all items: amazing handmade embroideries, selected
wear pieces, beautiful clutches with Arabic Calligraphy
inscriptions and bewitching accessories.
The “fashion for a social cause” label quickly attracted
the world's eyes giving to Palestinian women the chance 
to share their embroidery heritage worldwide.

Evening gown, silk turban and burqa dress, antique embroidered jacket
'Beshtar' label, founded by Carole Naim, sources traditional
fabrics and clothings from Afghanistan making them
contemporary and suitable for international buyers.
The money raised from sales goes to the Zaher Shah
Foundation (entitled to the late Afghan King who spent
decades exiled in Rome) and other charity organizations
supporting education, health and micro credit projects.
You may feel a yearning for the amazing fully-embroidered
jacket, the halter and burqa dresses or the chiffon evening
gown with a marvelous, one of a kind beaded top.

Handbags, laundry and Nishwar bags, mother & milk wallet
'Polly & Me' was founded by Cath Braid and Rolla Khadduri
to support the women's embroidery collectives of
Chitral, Pakistan, a place where they have just a 
few socially acceptable work opportunities.
The label produces high-end embroidered handbags
providing work through community-based spaces to
where female artisans go to work or take the cloth 
and thread home to sew allowing them to perform
all their other roles as mothers, wives and daughters.

Brass and beaded bracelets, tribal necklace, pendants and bangles
'Savannah Chic' is the African brand founded by Shruti
Patel that designs distinctive Afro-inspired jewelry made
of beads, ceramic, raw and echo-friendly or recycled
materials created hand in hand with gifted artisans and
fair trade certified workshops in Kenya.
The brand pays the craftsmen in advance also allowing
them to sell the products in the local market while 
returning back part of the profits as well.

Fashion Compassion is therefore the ideal retail agency
to bring the four socially responsible brands to a higher
level of notoriety gathering more and more momentum
thanks to good online shops or itinerant trunk shows 
and Aisha's vision to expand in Europe 
and USA deserves our best wishes!


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Hoping that she will manage to become a big impact in the fashion world. He input is of such an exotic and stylish level that it has to be promising! I've always admired these ethnic fabrics, embroidery work and special jewelry. The women are amongst the most beautiful of the world from that area! Such big almond shaped eyes, olive complexion and thus looking regal already in those outfits.
    Good luck to Aisha!

    Wishing you a great weekend with love,


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