Thursday, 10 March 2011

doomsday elegance à-porter

From Sarah Burton's icy queens to the 'day after' scenario 
of the latest Chanel AW 2011-12 collection, 
catwalk shows never fail to astonish me.
I must admit I've been watching at length the images of 
Chanel's runway show in Paris before making my opinion 
on it simply because at a very first glance I was in a 
quandary like staring at nested Chinese boxes.

While the 'Lady Chic' trend is ruling next season Mr. Lagerfeld 
really shocks his fellows with a catwalk show that looks like 
Eyjafjallajökull eruption days or Cormac McCarthy's novel 
'The Road': in a barren land obscured by shrouds of mist dark 
and vaguely grunge-dressed models direly walk around.
”The world's a dark place” he granted soon after the show.

But it isn't gonna be that way, taking a closer look we're able 
to detect all the typical features of Chanel's iconic style: 
the amazing tailleurs in tweed and bouclé, the shimmering 
of Lurex, the softness of tulle and chiffon, charming 
tone-on-tone printed silk, the classic dogtooth pattern 
and the superbly tailored jackets.

This collection is a boon to all women wanting to mix street 
with high-end fashion: just imagine these garments, coats, 
tunics, capes and jumpsuits separately worn, one by one, 
and you'd appreciate all their eventide beauty.
Kaiser Karl's dark vision and his unearthly foreknowledge 
deserves also a reward for setting us free from stiletto heels!

Kudos and thanks to you Mr. Lagerfeld, you know what 
the old saying about  'the darkest hour is right 
before the dawn' really means.

photos by Yannis Vlamos and Gianni Pucci/ via

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