Tuesday, 15 March 2011

country comfort

Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva is a most gifted professional
photography duo whose works I've been following for so long 
for the wide range of styles used as well as the 'relaxed 
elegance' of their own fine and tempting images.

The Moscow-based prolific visual artists bear quite a 
personal conception of portrait and fashion photography 
with softly colored images made with a meticulous attention 
to details and a cultivated use of lighting techniques.

The team's latest photoshoot called “Winter holidays” 
shows models Ekaterina Soboleva and Julia Galimova in 
the cozy old-fashioned atmosphere of a Russian dacha, 
the country house so popular as seasonal second home 
with its distinctive lifestyle made of pure air,
hot-air steam baths and accordion traditional music.

I just selected a bunch of pics from it for the amazing 
combination of good mood, ideas, trends and tips for next 
season such as floral prints, polka dots and lace minidresses.

The talented duo's works can be found on Behance or 
Photodom and believe me, you've got a lot to delight in.

all images by Andrey Yakovlev styled by Lili Aleeva