Sunday, 6 March 2011

armored knights of beauty

Viktor & Rolf are undoubtedly great tailors but they 
also have a natural skill in entertaining and eye-opening: 
the Dutch duo's latest RTW fall-winter collection put 
on show a battle for creativity in which models 
with blood-red painted faces wear armor-like
garments as crusaders of fashion.

“Fashion's ever-increasing speed reminds us how important 
 it is to battle for our creativity...” they wrote for Paris 
fashion week's show, “...we felt the need for protection” 
and that's the reason why spectacular, architecturally 
tailored clothes look like knight's armors, ideally 
the ones who fight to protect our passion for beauty.

Virtuosic shapes as in their signature style, thick-felted 
coats, stiff fabrics tailored jackets with ruffled shoulders 
and rigid pleats as well as sculptural leather blousons, 
bicolor tunics and a couple of sweaters with rose intarsia 
design all in a strong palette of black, red, white and
silver make the whole collection cheeky and dauntless.

A graphic, dramatic collection in which amazing two-colored
accessories like breathtaking clutches and boots play a
significant role enhancing the 'Rosenkavalier' symbolism
of it skillfully mixing fearlessness and femininity.
I'm not sure I'd wear it yet I'm quite impressed!

all photos by Gianni Pucci via


  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    That IS artwork!
    By the way, I have a tip for you to fix the problem that Blogger has with not showing the thumbnail of the 1st photo:

    Here we go!

    To have the first picture of your blogpost showing as a thumbnail on other blogrolls, you go back into Edit post and click the HTML button, Scroll down until you find the HTML code for the first picture in your post. Within that code you will find, once or twice this:


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    To RECAP https becomes http:/ / and becomes

    Lots of love,


  2. OMG, very kind of you dear Mariette, I'll try to fix it asap. All the best!

  3. AMAZING Work!!! Thanks for posting this =)

    Hope you had a great weekend <3