Thursday, 3 February 2011

urban nomadic magnetism

Tsolo Munkh is the byname of talented designer Tsolmandakh 
Munkhuu who grew up in Mongolia before moving to Paris 
where she studied at the Chardon Savard Atelier and 
whose creative works are heavily inspired by the large 
unforested grasslands and the legends of her native land.

Her homeland's magnetism can easily be traced down in her 
designs which skillfully combine embroidery, painting and 
different materials reworking (like Mongolian handmade 
carpet extracts) with a solemn conception of volumes 
in a down-to-earth palette made of black, charcoal gray
and dust indigo brightened by red touches.

photos 1-4 by Albert Gea/REUTERS via
Quite a well-designed collection with strong ethinc hints that 
actually don't make it a character costume fuss yet lavish 
garments with an imposing appearance and a mystical force.
Impressive volumes made by pleating, layering and 
ornamental needleworks are mostly inspired by traditional 
Buddhist culture and skillfully transplanted into 
contemporary urban-tribal clothes.

Inspired silhouettes and amazing draping and overlayering 
effects in which mythological symbols such as skulls and idol 
masks are cut-out or embroidered, placed on tops and dresses 
or on the knees almost making unique and artisanal 
each piece in the collection.

No wonder Tsolo last year won public prize at 'Festival 
International de la Mode et de la Photographie' in Hyères 
and launched her own brand shortly after that showcasing 
her creations in October at Paris and Seoul fashion 
weeks and lately in Barcelona's 080 fashion exhibition.
Such a reckless, happy-go-lucky, distinctive collection!

photos 5-9 via


  1. I never heard about a Mongolian designer before, maybe because we are more focused on Italian designers, you know.
    I love the collection because it's something new and unique. I can imagine myself wearing some of the items here.

  2. wow I love the Mongolian style.. esp. with stand-out cultural references

  3. Hi ! First hair is cool !
    Thank you for your comment on our new blog :)
    I'm so glad.
    Have a nice day !!