Tuesday, 8 February 2011

uneasy gait

We may think we've seen everything yet all at once 
something unfamiliar pops up grabbing attention such as...
impossibile shoemaking.
Each year consumers all over the world spend millions of dollars 
for good walking shoes hoping to walk comfortably while contrary 
to their expectations designers and shoemakers are constantly 
on the prowl for new bizarre, conceptual footwear gimmicks.

1-2 Andreia Chaves' “invisible shoes”
Weird, unnatural shoe-things which can upset one's natural 
gait forever: it's true indeed that our natural gait is the 
most complex motor function of our body involving half 
of its muscles and so many of our bones yet that its 
mystery is far to be completely solved but 
these creations strongly step out of line.

3-4 from Benoit Meleard's tribute to Beth Levine

An absolutely free 'exercise de style' pioneering a number 
of shapes and techniques that hopefully may lead to innovative 
shoe-wearing solutions aside from making me feel all
the pain of putting them on.
São Paulo based designer Andreia Chaves came to realize 
his astonishing “invisible shoes” assembling mirrored surfaces 
reflecting corners of the surroundings while camouflaging: 
sheer genius yet supposedly uncomfortable 'angled boots'.

from Aoi Kotsuhiroi's  “Exotic Regrets” collection in progress

Benoit Meleard is a French footwear master having designed 
shoes for renowned fashion brands besides his own label 
who lately made an experimental tribute to cult 50s American 
designer Beth Levine with cubist-inspired peep-toes shoes
and stirring wooden platforms and heels.
Aoi Kotsuhiroi's  “Exotic Regrets” is quite a dreamy 
collection of feet objects made of natural materials, 
each piece is a one-of-a-kind leather sculpture 
with cherry tree heels, so mystical and dark.

from Minimarket's s/s11 lookbook, photo by Carl Kleiner
Minimarket is a creative fashion brand from Sweden designed 
by sisters Sofie, Pernilla and Jennifer Elvestedt showing minimal
conceptual shoes made of leather and wood while 
Ms. Chau Har Lee is a London based footwear designer 
whose upcoming collection for Selfridges comprises thrilling 
metal and plexiglass high-heeled shoes.

All of them are bravely taking shoemaking to new heights.

by Chau Har Lee's collection


  1. oh wow..i love these invisible shoes :D

  2. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Indeed, they've taken them to new 'heights' but not to higher levels of comfort! Nobody can convince me that metal or plexiglass will be feeling comfy around my feet. But for drawing attention world wide; it works!
    Those exotic regrets are great for aerating the lawn... but might prove to be too expensive for that task!

    Thanks for putting this together and as for now, I stick to my Italian made all leather shoes/boots.

    Lots of love,


  3. They're very unique!! The shoes in the 4th pic appear similar to geta (Japanese wooden clogs) in.

  4. Oh, alcuni modelli sono... semplicemente terribile. Non brutto, ma pericoloso! hehehe...

    Si sono cordialmente saluto Elisabetta :o)

  5. Mi vien voglia di un piao di espadrillas!
    Ahahaha ha
    Baci Onii

  6. Amazing shoes, especially those made of wood. Can't imagine how it would be to walk with them. Have a lovely weekend.