Wednesday, 23 February 2011

thriving Mary

...Mary comes now, let Mary be,
can you see her down on the street?
Mary's laughing 'cause Mary sees
that she's a-wearin' that dress for me...

“Good good day”, Nick Cave, 2005

Greek born, London-based talented young designer 
Mary Katrantzou briskly made her name in the world 
of fashion thanks to her hallmark oversized trompe 
l'oeil prints which in truth seemed either attractive 
or a bit bizarre at my very first glance 
reminding me some vintage Versace's.
Her summer 2011 collection was quite interesting
but it didn't turn me into a zealot, though.

Her fall-winter 11-12 catwalk collection show in London a 
couple of days ago proved quite the opposite: a gorgeous, 
much more fashion-focused and more tailored collection 
in which “print is pushed above and beyond where we 
have seen it before, clashing and contrasting, across 
garments, overwhelming the viewer but not the 
wearer” she wrote in her programme notes.

A highly sophisticated collection actually taking Mary's 
undeniable ability to new heights: this time her own 
trademark mind-blowing graphic dresses are translated 
in cashmere jacquard and even Made in Italy knitwear 
or printed on silk chiffon, satin and velvet, 
uncannily playing on cuts and silhouettes. 
A feast for all eyes!

all images by via Vogue Italy

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  1. Dearest Elisabetta,

    Well, for me it is also a bizarre form of exaggerated trompe l'oeil prints.

    Lots of love,