Friday, 25 February 2011

simply the best

Miuccia Prada always knows how to renew her painstaking 
style even in the utmost gluts, combining intelligence and 
creativity with her own trailblazing vision and direction.
Her new fall-winter collection, yesterday on display in Milan,
is a compendium of next season's trends at its best.

Turning the stereotyped feminine clothings for seduction 
such as high-heeled shoes, fur, reptile and sequins into 
their opposite: innocence, fun and elegance 
Prada is once again in the lead.

Do women adore sequins? She makes them bigger and bigger.
Do they like fur? She makes it even more massive and fleecier.
And what about snake leather? She uses python with irony for
coats and stuff manteaux as well as for handbags and shoes 
with contrasting toe and heel.

A groundbreaking collection with her signature's contemporary
allure and shrewd hints to the 60s like the down-belted 
above the knee coats with Mondrianish window patterns 
in matching colors adorned with silver or big colorful 
buttons or with faux fur applied.

A few weeks ago in an interview with a British magazine
Prada said she gathers the things she doesn't like to use 
them as the starting inspiration for the next collection, 
therefore her creations do not diminish airheaded 
or preconceived fashion notions, she simply makes
fun of them while making them even beautiful.
Simply the best.

all images by GoRunway via Vogue Italia


  1. I have to confess something: I hate fur, I hate animal patterns. The second one is not because of environmental issues, simply because I see it everywhere and it's tiring after a while.
    I had the idea that you studied marketing because somehow I started seeing this collection in another way. I don't love it yet but my feeling about the collection now is better than the feeling I had a few hours ago.

    Have a wonderful weekend dear.

  2. Elisabetta what a great selection!!!
    I love the little details here!
    Thanks a lot and happy weekend

  3. always the best!!!!!!!!!!
    mai scontata....brava Miuccia...