Monday, 28 February 2011

silent poetry

Radio antigua
American dancer and choreographer Twyla Tharp rightly 
defined art as the only way to run away without leaving home 
and her savvy quote can be easily used to describe the 
unique artistry of Robert Romanowicz.

Gato volante
The versatile Polish visual artist who works in Wroclaw as 
an architect and graphic designer is also a top-quality 
illustrator and painter as well a cheerful toy designer and 
a 3-D expert with an unstoppable passion for images.

His poignant illustrations appeared in oodles of media, 
from books to magazines, his distinctive paintings 
(on plywood and canvas) exhibited in many galleries 
and googlin' his name you'll get thumbnails in droves. 
Robert also loves shooting with old film cameras and 
naming his artworks with Spanish humorous 
titles (check out his blog here).

Maquina del tiempo
Maquina forestales
Painting for Robert is a mental hideout from the architect's 
routine made of planning, tallying and plotting out projects, 
something giving him a limitless freedom spreading 
the wings of his vivid imagination.

Beta e karoten
Forestales chico
I simply adore his technique by mixing oil and acrylic paints 
as well as the collage works and his color palette which 
is quite inspiring with its strong earthy tones, 
bold red-yellow and turquoise hues.

¡Me vuelvo loca por el!


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  1. He is very talented. So different, fresh and new. I love seeing different forms of art, I love artists with a new vision, those who can bring us something that we haven't seen before. I love the flying cat painting and the crazy guy, simply beautiful and refreshing. I visited his blog and I loved the Stefan Vivaldi painting (