Wednesday, 16 February 2011

do not iron, please

Colombian all-around plastic artist Diana Gamboa once again 
makes the papers with her stunning paper made dresses 
opening the SIMB, 'Semana Internacional de la Moda de 
Bogotà', with her “Mis oídos guardan secretos - My ears 
keep secrets” set of amazing white origami clothes.

For Diana origami isn't paperwork at all yet her longtime craze 
as well her family's legacy: she learned the technique in her 
childhood years, attentively watching her father making 
thousands of figures by folding paper, a knowledge he acquired 
by Japanese people he met in Valle del Cauca.

Her unique masterpieces can't really go unnoticed: paper 
sculptured dresses achieving a high fashion value once worn 
despite their own short life, made not to sell paper costumes 
or to be hailed as an offbeat fashion designer yet simply 
one-of-a-kind artistic creations of pure design and 
geometry, basically pure maths turned into clothing.

White or better, the lack of color, is her favorite shade because
white makes every artwork look imposing and she does a 
very hard work designing proportions, engineering prototypes 
and eventually folding a thousand time kilometers of paper 
that are never glued but carefully assembled (not to mention the
ongoing testing on a variety of papers and recycling methods).
Diana's ergonomic paper clothes astoundingly allow the 
wearer's movements avoiding any risk of wreckage.

“I came to do origami dresses by accident, the technique was 
always a hobby when in 1999 I was invited to parade on Calle 
del Sol in Bogotà (...) while seeking advice on my husband 
(Colombian actor and sculptor Luis Fernando Bohórquez) 
I told him without thinking I'd better make a origami 
dress, so he said: Com'on, you're an expert in folding paper,
aren't you? Why don't you do it?  From that moment we 
began to develop together our own paper artworks.”

SIMB's catwalk show pics by Edwin Guiza


  1. Molto intessante!!! Chissà se il mainstream della moda si approvvigionerà di questa ricerca?

  2. Las dos últimas fotos no son de Edwin Guiza

  3. Hi and thanks Nicolás, actually I had the sneaking suspicion but I wasn't able to retrace the photographer's name being unmentioned.
    I'll be glad to mention if you could provide the info, though. Love your site with Diana making origami and so much more: swear I'll go through it... eyes open wide, ciao!