Thursday, 24 February 2011

once upon a time...

Could you imagine a graduation project in Fashion Photography
about the mocking connections between children and the 
gruesome aesthetic narrated through a visual story in which 
an apparently nice boy troubles a girl of same age whose 
characters slowly develop all through the tale revealing 
their own unexpected quirky traits?

It's what half Brazilian, half Italian photographer and stylist 
Isis Linguanotto amazingly did for her MA degree from 
London's College of Fashion with her imaginative 
“Boo! A garden full of nightmares” book project 
exploring kids visual depiction through childlike 
illustrations and photographic portraits in a fashion 
context also featuring a poem by Suket Rari Har.

Isis previously graduated in São Paulo's School of Arts Faculdade
Santa Marcelina in Fashion Design, needless to say specializing
in styling and photography and worked in her hometown as a
designer before moving to London where she currently lives.

It's through her dark humor and the tricks the ironically
portrayed innocent lad plays with the girl that the symbolic
yet somehow gloomy narrative shows Isis's main inspirations
such as Quentin Blake's drawings, the works of filmmaker 
Tim Burton and the black and white etched mise en scène 
of German expressionist cinema and American film noir.
What an original blend of a children's book and 
a witty kidswear editorial it is.

all images © of Isis Linguanotto Photography
this pic by

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