Monday, 7 February 2011

a once-upon-a-time fashion tale

The beloved and universally known “Sleeping Beauty” fairy 
tale magically becomes the enthralling memoir of famed 
French fashion designer Christian Lacroix smartly 
blending with his unique real-life story and career. 
A highly inspiring book by author Camilla Morton and
masterly illustrated by the mature designer himself in 
a breathtaking array of artistic styles and techniques.

Mrs. Camilla Morton studied fashion at London's Central 
St. Martins College before moving to Paris where she worked 
for Dior and John Galliano but she briskly decided to start 
writing for Time, Harper's Bazaar and among 
many others; yet she's mostly known for her debut novel 
“How to walk in high heels” which became a UK bestseller 
and has been translated into 20 languages worldwide.

Her pun-intended version of Sleeping Beauty, the first in 
a series of books featuring celebrated fashion designers 
in re-envisioned fairy tales biographies published monthly 
by Harper Collins, is rewritten to tally Monsieur Lacroix's 
career as well casting him as Prince Charming.

“Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty” 
is obviously not a fairy tale for kids yet a fantastic combination 
of the traditional story, personal anecdotes, couture and art 
totally different from any other fashion biography.

Monsieur Lacroix's illustrations are quite amazing, he has 
been known as one of the greatest designers of the 20th 
century as well as a real gifted illustrator whose mesmerizing 
works are fully able to reawaken our childhood fantasies 
as well to give a fascinating rundown of his own life's work. 
A must-have book about dreams that really come true.

all images via NYTimes' Tmagazine -