Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Mexican swing

detail from Nickolas Muray's “Frida on white bench”, New York, 1939
The center of both Mayan and Aztec civilizations, stretching 
over from Baja California to Chapas, from Rio Grande to Yucatán 
Peninsula, Mexico is the country which gave the world so many 
gifts, chocolate to name the first I'm so overjoyed for.
'Xocoatl' which translated means 'bitter water' was the frothy 
and spicy drink the Aztecs presented to Cortés (whose senses 
were undoubtedly much more attracted by the golden cup 
the exotic drink was served in) yet the country's contribution to 
our cultural heritage as well its influence are gorgeously massive.

both pics by Pilar Castro Evensen
Mexican style has always inspired fashion, obviously mostly 
for summer outfits, for its rich decoration, the brightness 
of colors, the artistry of embroideries and jewels.
The joyful mood of Carmen Miranda, the famed Portuguese-born
singer, Broadway actress and movie star of the 40s and 50s,
mixed with Mexican vibe has inspired Miuccia Prada's next
season collection yet the piquant flavor seems to be on 
everyone's lips: Jil Sander drew on the vivid hues while 
Carolina Herrera placed huge flowers on tops and skirts and 
Stella McCartney made use of fruit in her dresses.

both from Prada's s/s 2011 collection via style.com
clockwise: Carolina Herrera's, Kristen Wiig, Herrera's, Carmen Miranda
Meanwhile photographer Tom Allen took pictures of actress 
Kristen Wiig dressed up as Carmen Miranda for V Magazine and
Vogue Australia upcoming March issue's editorial is dedicated to
the Mexican colorful trend called “colour fiesta” with model Alina 
Baikova photographed on location by Nicole Bentley showcasing 
prints, stripes and dazzling bold blocks which is currently 
overflowing the net (you can browse through it here 
thanks to Fashion Gone Rogue).

Even Mexican notorious visionary painter Frida Kahlo helped 
set a bigger value on Mexico's past, traditions and arts and 
her artworks as well her own life represent an endless 
source of style inspiration.
Pilar Castro Evensen is a Chilean photographer based in Viña 
del Mar who made a photoshoot for Carmen Eva's contemporary 
textiles openly inspired by Frida as well as Roman jewelry 
designer Myriam Bottazzi paid her tribute to the troubled 
artist with her latest body ornaments collection.
¡Que viva Mexico! all the way.

Myriam B.'s Frida tribute, photo by Erica Fava
illustration by Alexey Kurbatov


  1. Amo Frida, la sua pittura dolorosa, la sua vita in amore e la sofferenza. Cara Elisabetta, ti auguro una primavera nel cuore.