Thursday, 10 February 2011

a dream come true

I'm going to tell you a good, heartwarming story about 
a young girl grown up in the magnificent yet forlornly 
at that time war-torn town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, 
who had a strong dream of design.
Forced to leave her hometown fifteen years ago 
she immigrated to Australia with her mother facing 
the uneasy challenge of adjusting to culture, 
climate, food and conventions while keeping on 
her fashion design aspiration.

The name of the young resolute refugee woman is Karla Spetic
she applied herself to study at East Sydney Fashion Design 
Studio graduating in 2005 before launching her own label 
which soon garnered attention and buyers: her debut 
collection at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2008 
caused everyone down there to look twice at the details 
within her garments. Her childhood dream accomplished 
she was free to forge her delicate, pretty feminine style.

Her spring-summer 2011 'Centre collection' shows dreamy 
outfits in which boyish silhouettes are paired with softer, 
daintier ones as to illustrate the merging of two different 
cultures with amazing photo prints of Australian outback 
landscapes in the raw juxtaposed with nuanced pastel colors
having Karla always loved unexpected color combinations.

For the very first time she introduced shoes in her collection, 
they add an amusing touch to it and eventually play a leading 
role in all the outfits: ...“I had the whole outfit in my head, 
so shoes were imperative for the collection, I think that if 
you take them out, the collection as a whole wouldn't be 
the same...” she said in a press meeting following her RAFW 
runway show where her cunning works stood out once again.

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  1. Those are so beautiful outfits!! light pale blue jacket and printed jacket! I am excited!

  2. The minute I saw the blazer I immediately felt in love. Outdoor prints are amazing and Karla is a very talented artist. I love the fact that she's a strong woman (because of her story).