Friday, 4 February 2011

catwalking in the rain

All the eyes gathered on Cavalera's out of the ordinary 
catwalk show at São Paulo Fashion Week where models 
walked the flooded runway under water pouring 
from the ceiling like in a tropical storm.
The Brazilian streetwear brand's parade really went 
down a storm being enthusiastically received for 
its “New Republic” mirthful winter collection.

Designed by Fabiano Grassi and Igor de Barros, Cavalera's 
collection showed various textures of black and gray with 
begonia pink, lime green and golden shades playing with Brazil 
and São Paulo flags as patterns to create bizarre patchworks.

The “New Republic” of Cavalera is based on building differentiated
jeanswear, the brand's strong point, through special treatments in
washing and printing while mixing deconstructed knitwear with
more tailored pieces and a great attention to bowed ankle boots.
A smart reinterpretation of the urban chic style, conceived 
for overconfident, trendy youth.

catwalk pics by Agência Fotosite/Zé Takahashi
detail pics by Agência Fotosite/Marcelo Soubhia-Sergio Caddah

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