Saturday, 15 January 2011

vintage serendipity

both photos by A. Ciampi
Pitti W is the Pitti Immagine fair's side event in which an 
exclusive selection of 80 new fashion labels show absolute 
premieres of their own 2011-12 AW collections, 
where W stands obviously for Woman.
This year's exhibition presented a retroscpective of Gherardini 
Maison celebrating 125 years of Florentine style with icon 
timeless pieces, the “Fragranze” area showcased the latest 
ideas from the world of selective perfumery while the interesting 
“Vintage for Pitti W” section focused on the 'remake' concept.

both photos by A. Ciampi
A special layout inside the old custom house buildings
hosted the companies producing customized vintage, 
clothes and accessories subjected to innovative 
treatments or transformed through tailoring and there 
I met some fancy stuff such as the original range of 
accessories made out by recycling and/or reprocessing
old collected objects and showy memorabilia.

Sanhistoire  has quite an interesting story: the label 
encloses the sinergy between santée (health) and histoire 
(history) creating exclusive collections of bijoux and 
accessories for man and woman. Their latest and absolutely 
limited collection comes from a fortunate stroke of serendipity.

“While ransacking in our family's Pharmacy cellars, 
I discovered an old wooden first-aid box from an English 
military camp hidden under layers of dust. 
Driven by curiosity and temptation I opened it to let its 
many stories resurface: colorful tags for galenic formulations, 
small alembics, decorated medicine boxes, a whole world 
of items representing the past of Santini's Pharmacy...” 
stated Silvia Monti Santini who came to realize with
the help of Daniela Poletti Zino a collection 
of unique time-capsule pieces.

Utilizing only sustainable materials such as glass, hemp, 
wood and copper the talented duo created striking bijoux 
encompassing the Pharmacy's original 1920's drawer tags, 
medicine or talcum powder labels (you can easily spot 
poison warnings) and even prescriptions in glass.
The collection shows a broad range of accessories like 
woven handbags and t-shirts which skillfully bring 
back to life the relics of a bygone era.

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