Sunday, 23 January 2011

the shoe must go on

Running a weblog about fashion design and fine arts I always 
have to wait for the other shoe to drop constantly keeping 
a foot in both camps, skimming through the most interesting 
events to write about and there's often something which 
sets foot in turning upside down my publishing schedule.

In this case Gwen Murphy's sensational shoe-faces sculptures
firmly claimed my attention, she's the consummate artist who's
able to turn old worn shoes into semantically strong, amazing
works of art she came to name “Foot Fetish” so I said to myself:
“if the shoe fits, wear it!” and decided to make this post at once.

If I'd been in Gwen Murphy's shoes I'd walk out totally insane,
hammer and tongs, by collecting pairs of outworn shoes to 
bring out of them their own personality, from Moroccan 
slippers to démodé models or designers ankle boots, 
by providing them not a face whichever, yet the right 
one to express the unique character of the shoes 
(invariably a pair of identical twin faces, in truth).

MFA in Sculpture graduated from Massachusett's
Boston University College of Fine Arts as well as a Fine Arts 
BA from Florida's Sarasota New College the young artist's
sharp-witted vision comprises whimsy artworks in which a 
great sense of humor transforms any kind of footwear into 
brilliant suggestions and well-thought-out metaphors.

Gwen makes use of clay, wood and acrylic paint to produce her
unique artworks on a shoestring; she's an all-around artist and
a zealous blogger too (owning at least 4 different ones) so we
can all have a look at her sensational works on the net and
this will make us save on shoe leather without walking to 
her nearest exhibition shoe, oops!, show.

all images © Gwen Murphy Studio


  1. Oh my these are exquisite works of art - such meticulous detail and finishing. Thanks for posting these lovely pics:).

  2. These are very unique and sensational!
    I've never seen it before!!
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Sorprendente, emozionante, non può essere ignorato.
    Elisabetta, presto primavera, in attesa del verde, il sole. Nel frattempo, la malattia non perdona. Amelia malato, Marco e me.