Wednesday, 26 January 2011

pointed flat couture

Kaiser Karl has plentifully proved to be able to reinterpret the 
Chanel legend with thoroughgoing changes over the years and 
his latest Chanel couture collection made no exception.
Guess you've seen the catwalk shots of the exquisite, 
ballet-inspired assemblage (actually one of the season's 
stronger trends which Mr. Lagerfeld decodes at its best) 
made of fine, extremely light and delicate gossamery 
dresses, sequined or beaded leggings and stretch jeans, 
skirts with belted A-line minis, floating chiffons 
and ruffled undelayers.

Evening or party pieces include amazing drop-waist 
and tutu-skirted dresses, tailored column gowns, beaded 
tunic tops and a fancy coat-dress which seems to be 
made of ice crystals; all of them in the characteristic
Chanel's monochrome or washed pastel palette paired with 
ice blue, wan pink, lavender and mother-of-pearl tones.

Here's my own selection of the features I love, details that 
can as well inspire the everyday wear of people like us 
who can't afford expensive couture clothes because 
anyone could improve an outfit by wearing pale denim 
leggings or a chiffon skirt over straight pants paired 
with sash belts and superflat pointed shoes.

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