Sunday, 9 January 2011

fashion identity awareness

'Say Goodbye', by Helen Storey, 2010  photo by John Ross
Exploring how artists and designers use clothing as a way to
communicate our individual yet social identity, Aware: Art
Fashion Identity is the absorbing exhibition going on at
London's Royal Academy of Arts until the end of January.

'Widow' pins dress by Susie MacMurray, 2009 photo by Andy Stagg
It casts a light on the role of clothing as a cultural identity
related to specific economic and social contexts as well
its transformations through time and space linking art and
fashion design while examining the limitations of both
categories: the handiness with the two arouses comparisions
at a conjectural as well as a design level.

'Joan' fall-winter 1998 dress by Alexander McQueen photo by Chris Moore
Issues of belonging and nationality, displacement and political
or social confrontation shape the works of leading international
fashion designers including Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander
McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto, Hussein Chalayan together with
visual and conceptual artists such as Andreas Gursky,
Claudia Losi, Cindy Sherman, Yinka Shonibare, Susan 
MacMurray and Yoko Ono just to name the most 
famed of the 30 practitioners involved in the 
stunning kick-st/art event of new year.

'Son of Sonzai Suru' by Hussein Chalayan, 2010 photos Andy Stagg
Gabi Sardi, the exhibition independent curator, observed how
“we tend to choose our clothes personally and with care, so they
are comfortable and define our tastes and habits as we would
wish to be defined. We choose things with which we can establish
a profound relationship, in order to convey to others those features 
 we have in common and those that are distinctive to us alone.
Because clothing is intimate and individual it can give 
information about cultures and people”.

'Artist's Robe' by Grayson Perry, 2004 photo Andy Stagg
'Umbruffla' by Acconci studio, 2005-10
Yohji Yamamoto's fall-winter 1991-92 photo Thierry Chomel
has been split in four major themes: storytelling, 
building, belonging and confronting, performance.
Acknowledging the place of clothing in the representation of
personal and cultural history or the concept of garments being
used as a shelter referencing to the nomadic nature of modern
life the exposition explores the way we use clothes to express
our aspirations and desires.
The exhibition catalogue is published by Italian Damiani 
Editore in Bologna: can't wait to grab my own copy.

'Say Goodbye', by Helen Storey, 2010  photo by Andy Stagg

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