Friday, 28 January 2011

fashion at work

Back to Pitti Immagine Filati, today with a stop over in
Spazio Ricerca and the Fashion at Work area where all
creativity in yarns begins: it's an experimental observatory/lab
where trends are analyzed and launched and where
creative heads in fashion and design get together.

Spazio Ricerca is devoted to the most advanced services and 
technologies for the textile/clothing industry offering a unique 
agenda in which research, products and prototypes engage
in ongoing dialogue: this year's theme was SENSO,
journey through our senses and their potential revealing
ideas and concepts which are all around us yet are just
waiting to be understood in new ways.

Staged by fashion designer Angelo Figus and knitwear
expert Nicola Miller in settings designed by architect 
Alessandro Moradei, SENSO used the senses to break
through the wall of emotional, cultural and sociological
conventions separating the pleasant from the unpleasant,
the ugly from the beautiful, the well-done from 
the badly manufactured.

Spring-summer 2012 celebrated our senses through
25 new stimuli which, like short films, translate the
elements of collective experience and daily life into
something extraordinary. 25 situations that become colors,
moods, textures and structures divided into five themes, one
for each sense, developed around five very distinct scenarios.

So sorry you may use only your sight, this fussing
parade of knitted garments, voiles and textures deserves
of course to be touched!

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