Saturday, 29 January 2011

brightly shining altitudes

Amsterdam International Fashion Week has been the venue where
talented young yet well trained designer Jan Taminiau (previous
post here) presented his latest fall-winter 2011-12 haute couture
collection having pride of place in the Dutch event.

An impressive baroque collection called “Irradiance” made of 
opulent handcrafted creations with sumptuous fabrics and 
great attention to details in wich Taminiau's extraordinary 
intricated designs, the finest fabrics he specifically 
realized for the show as well the technical expertise 
in the finishing touches gave such a buzz out of it.

The Arnhem graduate is indeed one of Netherlands best fashion
designers realizing both demi and haute couture collections in 
his unique way. He put together such a dramatic show where 
reflecting threads and metallic yarns glimmered in the dark 
giving out a steady radiance of light effect to all the 
accurate dresses while models carefully walked the 
runway in otherworldly high heeled shoes and moreover 
with their heads fully wrapped in glittery shawls.

This kind of platform shoes, typically made of wood 
or cork, were called 'chopine' in Venice from Renaissance 
times up to 1700, their height being a symbolic reference 
to both cultural and social standing of the wearer: 
the higher the chopines, the higher the status.
Shakespeare joked on their dangerous height (usually 
they were put on with the aid of two servants) in his 
Hamlet tragedy by wryly using the word 'altitude'.

Once again Jan makes his name resound even more that his earlier
achievements did thanks to hard work (he created the woven 
fabrics himself and previously showed also his demi couture 
collection), inventiveness and high craftsmanship.
The world of fashion lovers must know of his genius.

catwalk & details photos by
backstage photos by Peter Stigter

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