Saturday, 22 January 2011

Brazilian gateway to fashion

Rio Fashion Week is fastly growing arousing interest at a 
continually increasing rate this time presenting “Alma Carioca” 
next year's fall/winter women's collections from tens 
of highly talented Brazilian fashion designers 
and what a show it was!
Amazing, naturally evolved outfits took the Rio catwalks 
showing really conspicuous ideas in terms of cuts and 
shapes as well as in the accurate choice of quality fabrics.

I'm nuts about Alessa brand's collection and its 'home sweet 
home' mood in which multicolored prints of candies, jelly 
beans and assorted sweets meet black lace and gold 
sequins in fluid and comfortable shapes.
Satin, silk crepe, tulle and glamorous sequin dresses 
are skillfully mixed with jacquard coats and jackets 
and black striped knitwear models while light fabrics 
are in contrast with heavy metallic shades in a 
color palette made of black, brown and gray.
How to deconstruct a look by overlapping vintage 
glam rock hints with shabby chic style.

all Alessa's images © Agência Fotosite/Zé Takahashi

And what about the impressive architectural exercises of 
Lucas Nascimento's colletion? The Mato Grosso do Sul born designer
showed once more his ability in knitting giving birth to structured
yet light outfits with dramatic cocoon-like jackets and coats 
which look warm and cozily comfortable.
All knitted garments, many with intarsia designs in a awe-inspiring
multifarious array of fabrics where buttercup tones are accompanied
by mustard and mauve, forest green, navy to blacks and grays.
How to knit together elegance and technique(s).

all Nascimento's images © Agência Fotosite/Marcelo Soubhia

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  1. Alessa brand's collection is CUTE!! The necklace and the bracelet with beads are killing me!! :D