Friday, 21 January 2011

Belgian pride & joy

Belgium is a low-lying country which is actually able to 
fly high in so many issues for what its well-known all 
over the world such as beer brewing (could you believe 
they have more than 400 different flavors?)
chocolates, waffles and mussel recipes but also for its 
magnificent medieval cities, fine arts and fashion design.

The art city of Antwerp not only hosts the fourth largest seaport
in the world being its diamond capital but proudly houses one
of the most acclaimed fashion school, the Royal Academy of
Fine Arts where An Vandervost and Filip Arickx met more 

than 20 years ago before establishing 'Blixa' and presenting 
their own debut collection in Paris as A.F. Vandervost.

The present-day A.F. Vandervost label is a complete women's
RTW line which includes shoes, bags and accessories 
(as well opera gloves in most of the oufits).
The brand's AW 2011-12 collection walked the runways of
Mercedes Benz Berlin's fashion week two days ago showcasing
fluid and elegant doubled faced viscose dresses and tops,
warm gray cottons or Merino wools in a wide range of 
colors and light, free-flowing over dyed knits.

Bewitchingly sophisticated.


  1. I love Belgium, one of my favorite places in the world!

    Camila F.

  2. Hi,Mikapoka!
    Long time no see!!
    I've been busy working on make own website.
    But I'm back!

    I've never been to Belgium,,
    I love the hooded cardigan in the last pic. :)