Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Amanda Upton's imaginarium

artist portrait by Marian Rabic
I actually never had the pleasure to meet gifted Australian 
illustrator Amanda Upton somehow I have the feeling to know 
her for long, perhaps because we share a cherished friend 
or better, a common soul mate.

from the “Tea tales” series, 2009-10
She's a remarkably protean artist, at home in a wide range 
of styles whatever she's on editorial illustrations for 
Sydney Morning Herald, where her work appeared regularly 
for over two decades, or for a gallery exhibition of oil 
paintings on a grand scale but I guess she loves most 
commissions in which she's free to unleash her creative 
energy and her own inventiveness.

“Tea party is over”, 2010
The experienced Sydney's area illustrator creates lavish 
yet extravagant drawings in a strong color palette adjusting
her skills and methods to editorial or publishing needs but 
what I like most are the dreamlike creatures which 
shaped up her own poetic vision.

“Flying saucer”, 2010
Amanda's characters with their circus-like features and 
woolgathering spirit are the result of a dreamy perception 
grown up absorbed in style: she actually comes from a 
family of artists, her mother being an illustrator and 
painter while her father was a political cartoonist, 
beginning to draw at an early age.
No wonder her work has been included in Luerzers Archive 
Magazine’s collection of 2000 of the worlds best illustrators.

“Strange creatures”, 1998
“Night teeth”, 1998
She continues to paint and illustrate happily working from her
home studio in Austinmer, on NSW south coast, constantly
inspired by seaside's healthy lifestyle, by collecting odds and
ends or objects trouvés and driftwood for her own daydreams 
and last but not least, with her 'inspiring muse' old cat.

from the “Tea tales” series, 2009-10
Please check out her namesake website to thoroughly dig up
Amanda's multifaceted knack for painting and drawing, 
it's worth the pleasure!


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