Monday, 31 May 2010

I do believe in fairies

Italian monthly magazine ”Flair” introduces us to the
'New Romantic' summer trend in a fairy tale ambience
with lavish immaterial dresses in silk and chiffon skillfully
mixing notable griffe dresses with vintage items worn layered.
Stunning styled by Kate Sebbah with dimmed light photos
taken by Beau Grealy in Yonkers, NYC, give a comprehensive
feeling of such an airy and very feminine look.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

blue day today

You may be a blue chipper listed in a blue book,
eating blue cheese while listening to blue beat

drawing up a neatly blueprinted scheme thus
you'll never sit absorbed in your own blue funk.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

seaside highlighted fashion

Next month's Vogue Korea issue will show a fancy report
upon beachwear, a very posh and exotic kind of beachwear
with stunning body suits and bikinis super-accessorized.
A vaguely retro allure providing a Hollywood stars look,
so classy and sophisticated with very incisive styling and

Source:, Photos by Tae Woo, make-up by Hyun
Kim, hairstyle by Gimseungwon

down memory lane

  Dennis Hopper passed on today in Venice, CA, at 74.

Friday, 28 May 2010

China red

Feng Zhengjie, Chinese Portrait series n°2, 2008

I was just 'walking on red' today, having a brisk stroll
on the sunny side of the street when out of the blue
I was looking almost everything under a bright red light,
tath's why I'm posting about red tonight and China where
strangely you couldn't see this blog 'cause it's blocked.
Please don't ask why.

 Opera performance celebrating China's National Day, 2009

Yue Min Jun catalogue cover

Yu Chen Red Babies

Yu Chen, Red Babies II

Shangaiwu, 2009

Thursday, 27 May 2010

straightforwarding designers

London Fashion Week' s latest edition came to
present the works of brilliant designers such
Kinder Aggugini with his 'rocking chic' philosophy
following Vivienne Westwood's footsteps.
He unveiled his f/w 2010-11 collection
where ”Coco Chanel marries Sid Vicious”
inspired by Jiuliette Récamier, a Napoleonic times 
heroine, with a lot of Empire softly shaped silk dresses 
with white stitchings.

Sass & bide brand stands for Sarah Jane Clarke and
Heidi Middleton both from down under Sidney who also
have a strong, bold image which is extremely elegant
at the same time with a detailed research on shapes
and materials mixing.
They have been inspired for this f/w collection by
”a perfectly placed chaos”, exactly what they'll bring
in the fashion world.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

you ain't seen nothing like the beauty queen

Maybe you guys already know Alek Wek, the gorgeous Sudanese 
model who came to appear on the catwalks 15 years ago.
She escaped from her troubled country's civil war moving to 
Britain where she was noticed by a talent scout while walking 
in a London market and quickly became a top fashion model.

The Financial Times' monthly magazine ”How to spend it” lately 
published a stunning photo-shoot called 'Global Gathering' based 
on a very original idea which juxtaposes an African goddes to the 
expensive European-American top brands styles.

The result is amazing, everything looks perfect on her and the photos
made by Andrew Yee (styled by Damian Foxe) are breathless.
Beteween others you can more or less easily spot Givenchy's,
Jimmy Choo's, Proenza's, Stella Mc Cartney's, Issey Miyake's,
unique items.

Overindulge yourself with beauty.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

superflat LV

Next friday the iconic French brand Louis Vuitton
opens back it's New Bond street store in London.
Refurbished and modernized, the huge flagship
store will display a full range of ready-to-wear
and accessories together with Richard Prince
and Takashi Murakami's artworks.

The collaboration between LV and Japanese artist
Takashi Murakami dates back to 2003, 
he revisited the brand's multi-colored
monogram and realized a cartoon footage
last year called ”Superflat First Love”.
Here are some still frames of it.
Murakami founded the Superflat form
of art combining manga & anime.

Monday, 24 May 2010

wall confidence

Last weekend the aerosol crew came breezing back to town
for the annual spray art convention made to hone their 
unique talent so that new amazing graffiti appeared 
on the walls next to my home.
Here they are, fantastic-not-illicit artworks that will last for 
no more than a single year, short-term likewise jaw-dropping.
Believe me, these guys have... lungs!

elegance decontractée

Jil Sander went to present last week in Soho, NYC, 
the new brand extension called ”Jil Sander Navy” 
which stands for a new approach to the fashion market.
Very clean shapes, basic cuts, fancy fabrics for a poshly 
casual look mixing black & white with neon color touches. 
The newborn Navy collection will be on sale from
january 2011 in JL's flagship stores as well online.
Could you wait for it? 

Saturday, 22 May 2010

bird's eye outlooks

Once again the astonishing vintage fashion drawings
made by Stefano Canulli.
Illustrator and costume designer he always showed a
unique talent depicting sumptuous, baroque frames
like these bird's eye views of austere garden beauties.
Sophisticated ladies wearing black or white Chanel
dresses together with cool greyhounds for charming
illustrations I'll cherish forever.

Friday, 21 May 2010

blue zeal

Blue is the color of a new kind of passion,
the one for an harmonic fusion with the universe,
for a regained form of equilibrium.
Naturally dyed shades for an authentic lifestyle,
relaxed and unaffected thus genuinely elegant,
not only ethnic but something deep-rooted.

high-heeled shoes

I'm so proud of my brand new shoes:
a very appreciated gift from FB
Thanks a lot, Fabio.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


March 1986 Vanity pages with the 
outstanding Francois Berthoud's illustrations
made for Blumarine collection.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

foxy ladies, knits and laces

from Japan fashion week, winter 2010