Monday, 6 December 2010

voilà les frimousses

Tomorrow will be the auction day in which the astonishing
”Frimousses de Créateurs” are going to be sold to the
highest bidder: the one-of-a-kind signature-dolls are
hopefully expected to fetch a six-figure sum at the
Parisian Drouot Montaigne's auction sale.

Promoted for the 8th time by UNICEF France together
with Firstluxe Magazine and prominent personalities 
of contemporary art and fashion design the event
showcases about ninety unique dolls, real works
of art put up for sale to help the children of Darfur
get the vaccines they need.

The poupées, for the very first time made according 
to the common theme of cinema, have been previously 
on display at the Petit Palais, le Musée des Beaux-Arts 
de la Ville de Paris in the exhibition organized by 
Olivier Massart which achieved a successful result 
as well as a worldwide press coverage.

Les Frimousses represent a small step towards the ideal world 
without poverty and boundaries we'd all like to live in and 
where the only passport will be the openhandedness.

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