Wednesday, 22 December 2010

venturing in style into unknown waters

You can master the art of body embellishment only if you
fathom the kaleidoscopic nature of ornament and decoration
switching materials and shapes accordingly to trends and
styles with plenty of jewels, from bizarre knick-knack 
to the most precious stones.

Muqliza Imroni, the Indonesian jewel designer who founded
Sou Brette brand in Jakarta back in 2005, has a strong
confidence in jewelry to be timeless and protean as in its
own nature: her creations are so distinctive, playful and
eclectic yet feminine and modish and they fully reflect 
her attitude to design, her calculated sense for elegance
like in her latest “Unknown Waters” collection.

Sou Brette's reverie is strongly inspired by “Sadko”, 
the Russian Sinbad medieval seafarer and his epic voyage, 
the collection shows striking circular shaped resin necklaces,
bracelets and rings with faux pearl inlays, watercolorist
marble print cotton covered ropes paired
with brass and gold.

Sou Brette uses all sources available to create new distinctive
signs proving that first-rate jewels don't always go hand in hand
with expensive materials as well that she's particularly suited 
to venture into the 'unknown waters' of fine jewelry.

photos by Albert Judiyanto


  1. the bracelets are just amazing...

  2. Woah these pieces are amazing!! What an incredible artist. Thanks for sharing these works of art:).

  3. Resin at its best.
    Merry Christmas!!!