Friday, 10 December 2010

Shakespeare in lace

This year's London University of Westminster Fashion Design 
graduates have reasonable possibilities to get internship 
options by UK's major fashion labels or top retailers 
and eventually enter the jobs market 
in spite of current grim times.

Brighton born Jessica Madden - yeah, her designs may drive 
you insane - completed her degree with an Elizabethan-inspired 
final collection showing graceful skin-toned ruffled 
petticoats amazingly made crafting plasticized lacework 
doilies into complex structures.
Sheer talent: real eye-catching suits can be made with 
almost everything when you can turn knowledge into practice.

Interviewed by Vogue Italia, the young gifted designer said 
she loves ” experiment with fabric, manipulating them 
into unusal yet desirable forms to adorn fashion garments 
and I strive to create textural pieces that people cannot 
resist: they're compelled to touch and handle”.

After her graduate show Jessica was awarded the Graduate 
Fashion Council Competition for Harrods together with 
Amelia Chester so they are undertaking a year's paid 
internship working alongside the store's team: 
Jessica actually works with the buyers as the 
childrenwear designer for Harrods Own label.

Both of the finalist's presentations perfectly captured the 
Harrods customer and choosing one single winner proved 
impossible so the prize was extended to both fashion graduates.
A very good opprtunity indeed to improve their own skills.

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